What are medical grade diapers?

Medical-care-level standards refer to product hygiene and safety indicators and other characteristics that are higher than ordinary-grade products, and are suitable for occasions and groups with high nursing requirements.

Medical-grade diapers mean stricter hygiene indicators, stricter performance indicators, and more complex safety standards. Medical-grade diapers mean strict and almost abnormal hygiene indicators, ensuring the ultimate purity of each diaper.

The difference between it and the existing national standards is:

In terms of hygiene standards, it is more stringent: the total number of bacterial colonies is 10 times stricter than the national standard; in terms of the total number of fungal colonies, the national standard is 100cfu/g, and the medical-care level stipulates that “no detection” is allowed. In terms of the types of pathogenic bacteria required to be tested, the number of medical staff has doubled.

In terms of quality standards, in terms of slippage, rewet and other indicators, the medical grade has been greatly improved compared with the national standard, and three new absorption performance indicators have been added to better highlight the absorption performance of diapers .
In addition, a number of safety indicators have been added, including heavy metal content, plasticizer content, skin irritation test, formaldehyde and transferable fluorescence, which are not required by the national standard.


1. 0 fungi, 0 fluorescent agents, no pollution and no toxic substances

2. Fully flexible design, pure white design, that is, it is good for baby’s skin, and there is no ink pollution. After unpacking, consider the sealing packaging design and the product’s “thin and absorbent” “dry and soft” can effectively prevent redness. ass and so on.

It can be said that “medical level” is a higher standard in the field of maternal and child safety, and is synonymous with strictness and extremes.

Medical-grade diapers not only bring consumers a safer and more reliable choice, but also want to promote the concept of safe and healthy child care, satisfy the mothers’ pursuit of quality, and let the product return to its origin. Let more people pay attention to the safe care and health care of young children.

Post time: Jan-14-2022